Photo: Erik Burton

           Photo: Luana Ruggiero

A Marine Biologist


Our Water Drop

A kauaʻi coral reef restoration EFFORT

Water is essential to life. Our human activities are stressing the once-beautiful waters of our watery planet, our unique "Water Drop", perhaps beyond return. Our population growth, unbridled development and consumerism, unsustainable fishing and farming practices, copious pollution from land (sediments, biocides, plastics and radioactivity) and especially, destructive wars, are relentlessly demolishing our watery environment, and the life within it.

Let's become aware of the problems we face, search for their solutions, and implement them together. We must all work together to restore and preserve our water resources, and the lives that clean water nurtures and sustains.

A Water cycle poem & dance for children 

  Kulu Wai



(Ocean Garden)


Photo: Dennis Fujimoto

Katherine Muzik