Dancing "Mizutama" at Oura Bay, Okinawa

Muzik is now preparing her

newest children's book,

"Waterdrop Waterdrop", 

about the importance of

water to life on our watery planet.  Written in English, Hawaiian ("Kulu Wai"), Japanese ("Mizutama", 水玉) and Spanish ("Gotita"), it has been shared with audiences of all ages, in Kauaʻi, Okinawa and Japan. 

​​"Kulu Wai" is an important part of her mission to inspire people to address the perils we humans are ceaselessly and carelessly inflicting on the oceans. Let's restore balance and beauty to "Our Water Drop".Let's celebrate and cherish life in streams, rivers, lakes, and seas.

Letʻs protect our "Waterdrop of Life".

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"Our Waterdrop" at the Mala Moana Bike Path

 Performing the dance together helps to remind everyone about the profound "connectedness"of water.

Muzik as mermaid at Lawai Stream

National Tropical Botanical Garden