Mala Moana is a pilot project to restore a nearshore coral reef in Kapa’a, Kaua’i. Marine Biologist Katherine Muzik’s unique permit from the Hawaii State Department of Aquatic Resources allows her to re-attach broken coral to the reef substrate, and monitor their recovery, bringing needed attention to the plight of coral reefs locally and worldwide. Deeply committed to learning by experience, she invites the participation of local youth, local fishermen, and visiting tourists, to witness first-hand the problems faced by endangered, ever-dwindling coral reefs.

Viewed from the beach, the Mala Moana restoration site is just a short swim out to beyond the light-blue dredged area

A transplanted "keiki" of P. meandrina, budding and growing despite too warm temperatures and widespread bleaching, October 2015.

Two fragments of Pocillopora meandrina (Corals of Opportunity and Love) planted

March 20, 2015.