Publications by Muzik

  (Selected from over 100 published from 1976 to 2015, in English, Japanese and Spanish)  

 “Rediscovery of Biological Treasures”, 1976, Katherine Muzik and Frederick Bayer, Sea Frontiers, 21(1):110-120 (about Marine Life illustrated in Rare Old Books)

 “Birds that Refuse to Freeze”, 1976, Katherine Muzik and Michael Fedak, Sea Frontiers, 22 (4):223-233  (about Antarctic Emperor Penguin research)
“A new Solitary Octocoral, Taiaroua tauhou gen. et sp. nov. (Coelenterata: ProtoAlcyonaria) from New Zealand”, 1976, Frederick Bayer and Katherine Muzik, Journal of the Royal society of New Zealand,(6)4:499-515, 10 figs.
“New genera and species of the holaxonian Family Chrysogorgiidae (Octcorallia:Gorgonacea)”, 1976, Frederick Bayer and Katherine Muzik, Zoologische Mededelingen, 50(9):65-90, Pls 1-7 (inc. Stephanogorgia wainwrighti, n.sp.)

 “An Atlantic Helioporan Coral (Coelenterata:Octcorallia)”, 1977, Frederick Bayer and Katherine Muzik, Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 90 (4): 975-984 (a new species from Barbados, Lithotelesto micropora)
 “Morphology and Habitat of five Fijian sea fans”, 1977, Katherine Muzik and Stephen Wainwright, Bulletin of Marine Science, 27(2):308-337
“A Bioluminescent Gorgonian, Lepidisis olapa, New Species (Coelenterata: Octocorallia) from Hawaii”, 1978 Katherine Muzik, Bulletin of Marine Science, 28(41):735-41
Melithaea Milne Edwards & Haime, 1857 and Isis Ochracea Linnaeus, 1758 (Coelenterata, Anthozoa; Proposed Conservation Z.N. (S)2150, 1980, Katherine Muzik and Frederick Bayer, Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature, 228-232

 ゴルゴニアン(“Gorgonians” in Japanese), 1983, 水木桂 (Katherine Muzik), Newton Magazine 3(8):12-35 (with underwater photographs by Koji Nakamura
“Fishes of the Japanese Archipelago”, 1984, Katherine Muzik, Editor of English Volume, Tokai University Press, 1-837

 “Dying Coral Reefs of the Ryukyu Archipelago”, 1985, Katherine Muzik, Proceedings of the Fifth International Coral Reef Congress, Tahiti, 4(417-421)

 “A note on Resurvey of Coral Communities and Acanthaster Populations around Okinawa Island in 1984”, 1988, Kazuhiko Sakai, Katherine Muzik, Shigeo Nakamura and Moritaka Nishihira, Galaxea, 7: 41-51

“Let the Sea Stain our Hearts”, 1988, Katherine Muzik and Yoshikazu Makishi,  Shiraho o Mamoru Kai, 1-28 and 1990, 1-23 (Appeals to protect Shiraho reef from airport destruction)

 “Blue Coral or Gray Cement”, 1989, Katherine Muzik, Japan Quarterly, April-June:155-162
“Coral Grief: A Photo Essay”, 1991, Katherine Muzik, Technology Review, April: 60-67

“Octocoral Skeletons”, 2001, Stephen Wainwright and Katherine Muzik, Bulletin of the Biological society of Washington, 10 :96-99

 “Culture, study and display of precious corals”, 2006, Masanori Nonaka, Katherine  Muzik, Senzo Uchida.  Proceedings of the 10th International Coral Reef Symposium. Japanese Coral Reef Society, Japan. 1821–1831

 “Recent harvest records of commercially valuable precious corals in the Ryukyu Archipelago”, 2009, Masanori Nonaka, Katherine Muzik,  Marine Ecology Progress Series. 397: 269–278

  “Jewels of the deep sea: precious corals”, 2012, Masanori Nonaka, Katherine Muzik, In: Uchida, S. (Ed.), Into the unknown, researching mysterious deep-sea animals,Proceedings of an International Symposium, 23–24 Feb 2007. Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Okinawa. 84–127

  “You Can Choose”, 2010, Katherine Muzik, WWF Magazine, 3/4:356, 18-20

“Descriptions of two new species and designation of three neotypes of Japanese Coralliidae collected by Kishinouye, introducing a statistical approach”, 2012, Masanori Nonaka and Katherine Muzik,  Zootaxa. 3428: 1-67 (including new species Corallium uchidai and Corallium gotoense)

  “Remarkable early studies of Japanese precious corals”, 2012, Masanori Nonaka, Nozomu Iwasaki and Katherine Muzik, Proceedings of an International Precious Coral Forum 2012 in Kochi, 9 Mar. 2012. 46-69.

 “Systematic studies of the Indo-Pacific Corallidae”, 2012, Masanori Nonaka and Katherine Muzik.  Proceedings of an International Precious Coral Forum 2012 in Kochi, 9 Mar. 2012:70-84

 “Ni He Debiru Masuda Sensei”, 2013 (平成 25), Katherine Muzik, Memorial to Hajime Masuda, Masuda & Japanese Fish Research, Kanagawa Prefectural Museum Nat Hist:92-95

“Sexual Reproduction in Precious Corals (Coralliidae) Collected in the Ryukyu Archipelago”, 2015, Nonaka Masanori and Katherine Muzik, Pacific Science, 69 (1): 15-46

  “The taxonomic problem of the Hawaiian pink coral, Corallium secundum” Masanori Nonaka, Katherine Muzik, (in Press) Proceedings of an International Symposium of Precious Coral 2014 in Taipei, 17-18 Feb. 2012

“Caroline Kennedy, Dive with me in Okinawa and it’ll change your mind”, May 5, 2014, Katherine Muzik, Japan Times in 'Voices' (Japanese versions in the Ryukyu Shimpo and Okinawa Times)

   希望と恐れと(Hope vs Fear), Katherine Muzik, Dec 8, 2014, Ryukyu Shimpo 2015

  “Solving the Mystery of Mambo V", March 11, 2015, Katherine Muzik, MidWeek Kaua’i in 'Newsmaker': 20

   “The Sense of Sacred: Mauna Kea and Oura Bay”,  2015, Katherine Muzik and William B.C. Chang, The Asia Pacific Journal, 13(18 #4)

  まだセンスオブワンダーまだります!June 2015, There is Still a Sense of Wonder, 2015, Katherine Muzik, Kodomono Hondana, 'Okinawa Now'

 “Ellisella the Coral、 エリセラあんご”、Katherine Muzik (illustrations by Wada Makoto) 1986, Riburo Porto. Republished 2000, Sakuhokusha (winning a WWF prize) , 6th reprinting 2014. (Chinese Translation, 2004, by Classic Communications Co. Taiwan)

 “もしも海がなくなったら(”What if the Sea Dies”)1987  水木桂こ(Katherine Muzik ), Popurasha 

 “At Home in the Coral Reef”, 1992, Katy Muzik (illustrations Katherine Brown-Wing)Charlesbridge Publishing

“Dentro Del Arrecife de Coral”, 1993, Katy Muzik (illustrations by Katherine Brown-Wing), Charlesbridge Publishing

さんごの森 、(The Coral Forest) 2007, キャサリンミュジ  (Katherine Muzik) , photographs by Nakamura Koji,  Soensha